Resin is porous


Government, planners and local authorities often look favorably on resin bound surfaces. As a porous material, rainwater is allowed to drain easily away, reducing environmental impact.

For this reason, planning permission is generally NOT required for garden surfaces using resin bound paving (whereas planning permission is needed for work over five square metres using traditional materials like impermeable concrete).

Unique bespoke pathways

Resin surfacing offers a wide range of possible uses, and consequently, there are a number of different construction specifications. The typical construction for, say, a pedestrian only footway will not require as much "build-up" as that for a vehicular area. Tree pit installations will require specific aggregates to ensure a porous surface while internal flooring might use a very small aggregate.

Small edgings, such as aluminium or similar specially created stencils, are sometimes used to delineate areas of different colour. Each colour is individually prepared and applied, one colour at a time, until the design is completed.